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The Love Pracititioner

Hey my loves, 

My name is Selema and I’m the love practitioner, master hair stylist, touch professional and life coach. All of the sevices I provide are done with great passion and is expressed with lots of love. That includes all of my creative hair styling services, cuddling and erotic touch sessions , and helping you to heal and live happier through my life coaching programs. Explore my website and learn all the details of what each service provides and how to book your service with me today. I cant wait to see you!

Hair Services

Cut and color transformations,Bob's and Selema Bowl's, Finger Waves and more! For all your hair desire's book below!


In my 16 week "Healing through Vulvodynia"course , you will have access to a multitude of holistic healing modalities, touch and cuddling services and virtual access to me throughout your program! You will also be able to find out more about my 1 on 1 coaching services. Click below for more info!


Are you ready to get your hair loved and transformed? Are you looking for a color change and elevation?Check availability for my hair styling services and book now!

Erotic touch

We all want to be able to experience sensual pleasure in our lives and to  feel safe at the same time. Vulvodynia sometimes strips us of that ,but with conscious erotic touch, you are able to reclaim your voice and you pleasure.Click below to find out more!

Cuddle love

Cuddling is one of the best ways to feel intimacy and closeness to someone in a platonic setting.It is also one of the ways to reintroduce safe touch and communication to the body which is why its the first touch you will experience in your 16 week coaching program. Click below to find out more!


Are you ready to start your healing and happiness  journey but still have some questions about my 1 on 1 coaching services? Are you ready to sign up for your 16 week course but need more info and want to find out if this program is a good fit for you? Are you seeking sensual liberation and want to find out more about my touch and cuddling services? Then book your consultation today

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